Sunday, August 7, 2011

Very Happy Jedi's (Kyle's birthday)

Last night, all night, we hosted Kyle's birthday party.  He had chosen the theme of Star Wars and we began with the idea of watching a Star Wars movie out doors.  That turned into a sleepover which then included Jedi training.  And it all turned out good.

As per my normal mode of operation I left everything to the last 2 days to prep. Actually this time I started almost exactly 48 hours before hand, except buying a few supplies.  I had to do the cake, (thankfully it wasn't too difficult to talk him out of the Death Star cake), come up with ideas for Jedi training, make 8 Jedi robes and the figure all the other little logistical stuff (shopping, what to feed everyone etc etc).  Luck was definitely on my side.
There were 6 guests plus Kyle and Vika.  We began the party with a game of Vader's coming.  (Think "Captain's Coming"  but with actions like Yoda pose, Draw your lightsaber, etc.)  Each Padawan was then awarded his Jedi robe. (I did make these, starting the night before and my sewing machines have never worked so fast for so long.  That said, each robe took under an hour from start to finish. I based my pattern on this)
Then each Padawan raced through an obstacle course to prove their agility earning a (pool noodle) lightsaber.  These were an instant hit.  They then challenged their skills by using them to keep balloons off the ground and to move balloons across the yard as a group.  And they got to simply beat the snot out of one another.

Each Jedi trainee was then awarded a Nerf Star Wars blaster and then went through target shooting.

All was going well until Darth Vader appeared.  Instant pandemonium,  oops, that was already in full force, and Vader was attacked and taken to the ground.  It was a thrill to watch the young Jedi's explore their Jedi skills and love of "the force".

All enjoyed a BBQ, with the big hit being Yoda Soda, and then we sent the young Jedi's on a Seek and Find mission (AKA scavenger hunt).  Hopefully none of our neighbours were too offended by the Jedi teams knocking on the their doors and asking for items such as a miss matched sock, broken pencil, dixie cup etc. etc.

Once they returned it was time for cake.  Thanks again to my friend Kelly Conrad for helping me create another wonderful cake.  Kelly always adds so much but is especially good at the artist touches, in this case the Death Star.  She did this so well that our cat Baghera had no problem licking the frosting off the fondant during the night, so Kelly had to redo it.

By then it was dark and the Jedi's were finally showing some, a very small amount, of fatigue.  We set up the screen outside and the kids got comfy on blankets to watch Star Wars I the Phantom Menace.  About half way through they were asking to move into the tents.  The tents had been positioned so they could crawl into their sleeping bags and still see the screen.  We should probably count ourselves lucky that they were all asleep by midnight.

Morning came early for the young Jedi's.  They were up by 6:30 and begging to pull their weapons out.  We restricted sabers and blasters to after breakfast.  Soon after that all the Jedi's returned to their home planets.

One little detail, did you notice the cardboard centerpiece in the first picture?  That was from my 10th or 11th birthday party!  Thanks mom for saving it!

A special thanks goes out to my friend Jennifer Marsall who helped with the kids and photography.  Kelly and Chris Conrad who helped with everything from the cake to the scavenger hunt to battling with the Jedi's.  And Darth Vader thanks for making an appearance!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The best Father's Day gift ever!

Brian's always a tough one to buy for.  This year I did it!  I got him a gift that made him smile like a child at Christmas.  All it took was a little thought, a plan and a very talented brother in law.  One of Brian's best memories from Ukraine is shashlyk (BBQ - pork being his fave).  It's amazing food but I think the great memories of it are so great because they also remind him of great friends and fantastic adventures!  (If anyone happens to be on the highway to Yalta you've got to stop at Nadexda) It's prepared on a special grill after being marinaded.  Yum. 
I had been online looking to find where, and if, I could buy him a grill without out much luck when literally the next day Brian tells me he's had a conversation with his brother Larry and Larry thinks he can make a grill.  On the sly I talk to Larry and send him some pics and plans that I've found online.  Two days before Fathers Day Larry delivers the perfect Shashlyk grill.  I keep it hidden until late evening as we had Vika's birthday party.  But there's not keeping it hidden after that - especially because I know that Linda all wants us to celebrate Father's Day with a BBQ on the beach on Sunday.  Brian will need to get his marinade going.  Gotta say, Brian's Shashlyk was fabulous!  And we're having more tonight!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Already time for Santa

Just a few photos from Lunch with Santa that we attend at the Glen every year with my mom.  It's always lots of fun.  Really appreciate all the people that make it happen every year as it's all done by volunteers!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Copy Cat Card Class at Lila's

I just thought I'd share some cards that are in an upcoming class of mine at Lila's Scrapbooking.  We'll be making six cards and they're all based on the theme of how to take a card in a magazine and recreate it to make it your own!  Please call Lila's to register or send me a message!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little bit of fame goes straight to my head.

Wow.  If you've read my blog in the past few months but it's always great to see something on someone else's blog.  Little Birdie Secrets is my very favourite blog to follow.  I have loved it from the day I found it and then loved it more when I discovered that it is three moms that live about 20 minutes from me.  A chance meeting lead to a conversation which lead to a sharing of creative ideas and....well, take a look

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back in the race

LOAD Day 23
Originally uploaded by Kyivscrapper
Well I was doing great with LOAD, until I wasn't doing so great. I managed to get the worst headache of my life but kept on scrapping. I even completed a couple of LOs with my head on my desk. Then the headache won. After 8 days of not scrapping - or doing much of anything else, I'm back in the race! Today's prompt was all about size. So I scrapped small pics! It's quite simple - but took me longer than "simple" time. Who cares? It's done!

Playmobil funpark ticket opens for journaling:

Sometimes I feel like I live in Playmobil Funpark & most of the time I love it. (Just don't step on any of it!) Kyle absolutely loves his Playmobil (and so do Mom and Dad). Kyle's imagination is simply amazing and totally endless when he's in "Playmobil-land". I think it's fantastic when the construction truck is transporting the Gladiators passed the thieving pirates and bumpy road work to a battle at the castle against ferocious knights, but all is halted for the fire fighters and their trucks to put out a fire, of course, started by a fire breathing dragon. ~Our living room winter 09-10

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 2 and LOAD is a challenge!

I knew scrapping a layout a day would be a challenge - but so much of a challenge by day 2?  Of course you just know something is going to happen when one signs up for such a project.  So for the first time ever I have Kyle and Vika sick together!  They don't get sick like "normal" kids.  They don't really slow down, even with fevers of 102.  They just meltdown more often and with much more intensity.  I will say it was somewhat amusing today when Vika discovered that she was mad at both mommy and daddy and that created a quandary for her.  Lately she loves to tell me, "I don't like you!!!  I like Daddy!!!"  (Usually followed by me saying, "That's OK, I still love you."  Her, "I love you too mommy."  But with her mad at both of us and us both in the room, she was really quite perplexed about what should come next after, "I don't like you Mommy!  I don't like you Daddy!....*thinking*...I like...."  (Stands with arms crossed pouting).  Even after several attempts she couldn't finish this sentence.

Thank goodness for Brian.  I was able to finish my layout for day 2.  It's a great photo of Vika with her flower garden.  (Ssshhhhh, don't tell her the flowers are all dead.  She's as proud as can be!)  Here's the journaling:

I was so happy the day you brought me home some beautiful and very colourful flowers.  But as all flowers do these passed their prime and I put them outside the back door to make their way to the compost pile.  It didn't take long for you to discover them and plant your own flower garden.  You were absolutely thrilled with yourself and your garden.  It goes to show that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.